Initially, we thought we wanted to start a new music project or an artist collective of some type. But passions and interests change and what we find ourselves wanting to spend every day doing isn’t playing or writing music, but writing about it.

So we re-imagined the name. We re-branded, re-pitched and re-launched this concept in the form of a digital publication — a news and media website in East Idaho, dedicated to showcasing exceptional individuals in music and art. We quickly rose up to create a network that promotes an alternative, creative lifestyle.

After being voted the “#1 Music & Art Publication” in East Idaho, we decided to expand. Now based in Seattle, we are committed to bringing awareness to art, culture and music.

The term “ennui” roughly means boredom. It’s a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement. Our goal for Ennui Magazine is to fill that void, to battle those feelings of ennui with music and art.

We’re excited and anxious but eager for this chapter of music and art.

If you’re interested in contributing as a designer, photographer or writer, contact us at contact@theennuiproject.com

Much love,

Ennui Magazine
— / ä n ‘ w ē / —
A music and art publication