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Podcast The Peel: Ep. 6 – Brenden Taylor

This week we talk to Brenden Taylor from the local band For Your Health.

He talks about growing up in St. Louis, how he got into drumming, and how he started running the ONLY music venue in Rexburg: The Basement.

He is always looking for new bands to book – if your band would like to play at The Basement, contact Brendan through Facebook, or on the venue’s website.

Check out Taylor’s Spotify playlists, if you would like to hear some cool new music.

The Peel will be taking a break from making podcasts until after the holidays. Stay tuned for new episodes next year. If you or someone you know would like to be interviewed, message (Cole Foster) directly through Facebook.

And from all of us here at The Ennui Project, have a very Merry Christmas.

The Peel

Brenden Taylor

Cole Foster
Cole Foster is a Rexburg local, and the frontman for local rock'n'roll group, For Your Health. Foster is a contributing author for The Ennui Project and is the brains behind "The Peel" a podcast that peels back the musicians of Rexburg, Idaho.

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