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Kory’s Quick Fix: Neapolitan – Hot Flash Heat Wave

One of the most iconic vaporwave albums is Floral Shoppe by Macintosh Plus, a pseudonym for the musician Vektroid. While the music isn’t necessarily the most distinct, I feel like the album art is symbolic of vaporwave aesthetic with its contrasting white bust on a bright pink background and Japanese text. It was this album that I was reminded of as I came across…

Neapolitan by Hot Flash Heat Wave

Neapolitan Hot Flash Heat Wave

Similar Artists: Rozwell Kid, The Buttertones, Boy Pablo

Key Points

  • I love the different tones this album has. As far as I saw, the band has two members that sing, so from track to track the vocals change from one to the other or a mix of the two. It’s very different. I was surprised when the first track had a very Boy Pablo vocal feel, but the next track was completely different and it kept on changing. It’s very refreshing! Additionally, the little added vocal effects contribute to the chill feel of this album.
  • In an Audiotree interview, the band talks about producing chillwave music before starting Hot Flash Heat Wave and I feel it really shows. While naturally, a rock album hits harder than a chillwave album, the album carries a good rhythm that isn’t too interrupted by any guitar solos or vocal tracks. Everything, in my opinion, contributes to the steady flow of the band’s sound.

A couple of my favorite tracks were…

  • “Gutter Girl” – I’ve mentioned before that I don’t understand lyrics very well, so I don’t know what this song is about, but I love the descending guitar riff in this. I dunno — It speaks to me?
  • “Hesitation” – This song made me look back at Spotify and make sure I wasn’t listening to a Boy Pablo album. This song is very groovy and makes me want to dance.
  • “Homecoming” – I get a very The Vaccines vibe from the start of this song, and I love the thumping drums!

I loved their Audiotree session you can watch here.

It was only until after I listened to the album and wrote this review that I realized this album is from 2015. Check out their newer stuff here! I will right after I email this out.

Aight. I’m ‘outie.

Love, Peace, Chicken Grease,


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