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Kory’s Quick Fix: Awkward Pop Songs – JANK

I’m going to shamelessly plug Spotify again. I love the playlists they make for you, especially their discovery playlists. About a year ago, I was playing through one of these playlists when I found one of my favorite bands, JANK. Their song came up, and I loved their fun unibrow album art. I bought all of their albums and would listen to them every day going to work in my Subaru. Life was good.

The band went through some legal problems and quickly disbanded. One day, I found that all of their music had been removed from Spotify, and I mourned. Now, many months later their music is back on iTunes. I was because of them that I got into the math rock-y genre, but I haven’t found another band I like as much as JANK. For now, it’s still a fun ride revisiting this album any time I can.

Awkward Pop Songs — JANK


Key Points!

  • One of my favorite aspects of JANK is their lyrics. Now, I’m not super into lyrics, but JANK really grabs my attention with their tongue-in-cheek lyrics. They often talk about relationship problems, mental illness, and good ole friendships, but they do so with lyrics that make me nostalgic. They bring up racecar beds, the island of misfit toys, and Katamari!
  • This album flows wonderfully with fun intermission tracks that set a fun mood for the whole album. I don’t know enough about guitars to analyze the chord progressions or anything, but I feel like I can listen to this whole album all the way through and not feel awkward pauses or odd transitions.
  • Lou Diamond, the guitarist, is amazing, but I feel that who really shines through is the drummer Sam Becht. With his iconic visor, his drums shine out throughout the album and keep it alive. Watch him play a song called “Alligator” from their other album here!

Some of my favorite songs!

  • “Spilt to Bill” – By far my favorite song. The lyrics are amazing and introspective. “Mother always said God loved me, but I couldn’t see how he could even stand me.”
  • “Wut I Leik Abt U” – I love the guitar riffs in this song.
  • “Racecar Bed (Ft. Yung Goth Boi) – The vocal tracks in this song move me. To me, it sounds very melancholy, and I love it.

All of this being said, there is a lot of drama around Lou Diamond, the band’s vocalist, and guitarist. While I love the music, I do not condone any of his actions. If you don’t know what I mean, you can Google it.

Have a good rest of your week.

Love, Peace, Chicken Grease!


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