TV DADS by Chloe O' Laughlin

Album Premier: TV DADS (Self Titled)

TV Dads’ full-length, self-titled album is set to release Dec 1 on all streaming platforms. But you can stream it here, on The Ennui Project, before it’s available anywhere else.

A characteristic toggle between cathartic, shouted choruses, and gritty guitar-led verses — the album is a definitive pop-punk ode to youth. Each song paints the desconsolate reality that life may not always seem worth the struggle, but we carry on, none the less.

TV Dads

The album opens with, “All Our Friends,” a 30-second acoustic introduction to the record. The song presents the lyrics, “We spent the day with all our friends. The sun came up and we slept in. Sing me that sweet song, the one you always sing. I need to get away. Oh, how it takes me away.” Seemlessly transitioning into “Too High” — TV Dads quickly hooks the listener in for a nostalgic episode, that’s sure to leave you wanting more.

A personal favorite of ours, “Slackerman” is an understandably poignant anthem for anyone who has ever felt lost in life. “I’m awkward as all hell and jaded as fuck. Down on my confidence and down on my luck. Still tryin’ despite how I’ve had enough” and the errily relateable, “It’s a terrible joke and I’m the punchline.” But the song optamistically winds down with a glimmer of hope in the lyrics, “I called my sister up, She said ‘Nobody really knows what they’re doin. You just gotta move along.'” Those lyrics stuck out to us like a beautiful sore thumb. Who really has a clue in this life? Certainly not us. So thank you for the reminder that we’re not alone in that, TV Dads.

Check out the rest of the album below. Let us know what sticks out to you! We recommend listening to the whole record front to back. Theres something magic about listening to music that way. Also, keep your eyes open for the album to finally hit streaming services Dec 1. You’re going to want to have this one downloaded in your phone, to share with all your friends.



The band released their first single, “Piss Dust” on Sept 26. The single was accompanied by a music video (filmed and directed by Gary Becker) earlier this year. Watch it here.

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Jordan Henrie
Jordan Henrie is the founder and content editor of The Ennui Project. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Jordan now resides in Rexburg, Idaho and is an active member of the local music scene.

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