Podcast The Peel: Jordan Henrie
Podcast The Peel

Podcast The Peel: Ep.1 – Jordan Henrie

Hey, everyone, we are super excited to announce that The Ennui Project will now have a weekly podcast made by me, Cole Foster.

It’s called “The Peel,” where we peel back to see how musicians became who they are today. This first weeks episode of the podcast is none other than the creator of The Ennui Project, Jordan Henrie. Formerly the guitarist for the local alt-pop band, Lucky Mint — we talk to him about where he came from and what his early musical influences were. We also talk to him about what music is inspiring him today and what he has been working on recently.

In the interview, Jordan talks about bands he was in before coming to Rexburg. One of them was Under City Lights and another, City of Giraffes.

Here’s the episode:

Here are the songs he mentioned, and some others that influenced him growing up:

Here is a collection of the music Jordan has been involved with over the years:





Cole Foster
Cole Foster is a Rexburg local, and the frontman for local rock'n'roll group, For Your Health. Foster is a contributing author for The Ennui Project and is the brains behind "The Peel" a podcast that peels back the musicians of Rexburg, Idaho.

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