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Kory’s Quick Fix: Foxing – The Albatross

One of my favorite singles this year has been “Cut Yr Teeth” by Kississippi. On one of their more recent tours, Kississippi supported a band called Foxing and raved about their new album, Nearer My God. As I looked into their other albums, I came across The Albatross, the band’s first studio album from back in Nov 13, 2013.

Similar Artists (based on this album) – Brand New, Baths, We Came as Romans (at certain points)

  • The album and Foxing’s music, in general, has a very sad tone to it. Lead singer Conor Murphy said in an Audiotree Live session that, though life isn’t all relationship problems, he is only able to write about the sad because of the emotion held behind those events. When performing, he calls on that emotion for the song and then lets it go by the end.
  • In “The Albatross”, there are a few instances where Murphy plays trumpet between vocal parts. As opposed to other uses of the trumpet in other bands, Murphy used the trumpet to create very accentual and aromatic tones in his melodic, dark music. To keep the trumpet from being too bright, he points the trumpet slightly away from the microphone. Usually, the playing is kept to a few held out notes, matching the ambiance of the song. In later albums, Foxing features a more developed brass section.
  • I loved The Albatross because it’s an emotional, technical, melodious, dark, and complex album filled with quick reposes between deep reaching songs.

Here are a couple of my favorite tracks…

  • “The Medic” – Softer song with amazing vocals
  • “Bit by a Dead Bee Pt. 1” – Harder vocals!
  • “Den Mother” – A very instrumental track

Check out their amazing Audiotree Live session here!

Have a great day and stay frosty out there.

Love, Peace, Chicken Grease,


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