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Underoath, Kayzo release dance-metal single, “Wasted Space”

Tampa based post-hardcore band Underoath released a collaborative new single with dubstep producer and DJ, Kayzo. The song, “Wasted Space” is a continued departure from the band’s iconic mid-2000’s sound.

Earlier this year, Underoath released Erase Me, their first album in 10 years with drummer and founding member Aaron Gillespie. The album earned the band widespread success, proving they remain relevant in today’s industry, despite genre adjustments.


“Wasted Space” is continued proof that the band is venturing into new territory, with no signs of stopping.

Kayzo said of the single, “‘Wasted Space‘ is everything you wouldn’t expect from an electronic producer like myself and a legendary band such as Underoath. This is a head-on collision of sonic frequencies and sounds from different sides of the musical world. This is true experimentation in its rawest form.”

Kayzo expressed his excitement to work with the American rock legends, citing They’re Only Chasing Safety as an early inspiration on him.

“When I was told of the opportunity to work with Underoath, it brought me back to my hockey days prior to music. [They were] on heavy rotation for me during my athletic career.”


Underoath expressed similar excitement to work with the producer.

The band said in a shared statement, “Kayzo is super excited about music and this track and that’s why we are so so excited about it. It’s refreshing these days and in this time [to] see someone as excited as he is about music.”

Listen to the single below, and let us know in the comments what you think.

Wasted Space

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Jordan Henrie
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