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Ennui on Wednesday: Noah Shelton

I am Noah Shelton. A sophomore student at BYU-Idaho, I have lived here for a couple years and I have been able to get to know several friends and acquaintances that help me exhort my hobbies and interests which include music, photography, art, skateboarding, etc.

My music taste has fluctuated through different genres and has evolved into new genres that have helped me get through a lot of the hard times that we all go through. Throughout the last year, I played in an emo/pop-punk band called poor sports. I would say the best part about playing in the band is getting to know all the incredible people that help build up the local music scene.

I recently have decided to take a break from playing music with poor sports and have decided to focus more on photography, solo music projects and relationships. Being someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember, I need music to get through a lot of the trials and hardships that life throws on us. During the fall season, acoustic music seems to appeal to my emotions more than most genres of music. Here are a few songs that I think are the best songs to listen to during this time of the year.

Ennui on Wednesday

Part 2: The Reason Why I Am Grateful – Milo Duhn

Milo Duhn is a DIY acoustic indie/emo artist based out of Buffalo, New York. His lyrics are written from what he personally experiences as a college student who is trying to figure out which way to go in life. Not only is the song beautiful, but it is also relatable. If anyone is struggling to fit in in this small college town or is struggling in any relationships, give this song a listen.

A Lack of Color – Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie’s front man, Ben Gibbard, is able to write lyrics that perfectly portray those in-between moments in life that we often look over or take for granted. His soft and calming voice, with an atmospheric projection to the song that can help us open our eyes and recognize the simple beauties in life, especially as this part of the year tends to lose the color that we have been accustomed to, is a song I would recommend to anyone.

Honey Jars – Bryan John Appleby

I do not know much about this artist, except that he is an acoustic indie acoustic artist based out of Washington. Local artist, Tanner Waite, originally introduced me to him. As we come into the cold, snowy season, this is a great song to listen to while driving with a friend or significant other and enjoying the fall environment.

Ever So Sweet – The Early November

The Early November is an early 2000’s pop-punk band, although their lead singer, Ace Enders, is known to branch out and write acoustic music. The relaxed and accessible chord progression of the song, along with the soft tone of Ender’s generally gritty voice makes it a perfect song to listen to in October-November.

Land Locked Blues – Bright Eyes

Frontman of Bright Eyes, Conor Oberst, writes lyrics so personal to him that they often can come off as obscure and left to our own interpretation. He has an artistic vision that is unique to many artists, as he writes of common issues in life, whether they be personally or universally recognized, and is able to depict their origins in ways that the common person generally does not think of. His calming rhythm and quivering voice is a unique sound, yet compliment each other beautifully

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