Fountain View, Osatia, Tube City and Mister Rogers Performance Recap

Newly formed Salt Lake City pop-punk band, Fountain View, brought a lot of energy to the Rexburg music scene with their incredible performance at the Basement last Friday night. In order to create a more lively and interactive experience for the fans, the four-piece band set up their equipment on the floor and played in front of the stage.

Their fast-paced and upbeat punk rock created an intense show for the Rexburg scene, especially for any pop-punk fans. The band includes Ashleigh Bassett on vocals, Derek Werenkamp on bass, Russ Would on guitar and Tommy Fraser on drums. The dynamics of the band were both unique and exciting, as they created an engaging performance with catchy riffs, relatable lyrics, and gang vocals.

Some may recognize a couple of the Fountain View band members (Russ and Ashleigh) from a separate Salt Lake City emo punk band known as Breakfast in Silence. Although Fountain View has not officially released any records yet, they plan to have music out by the end of the year.

Washington based post-hardcore band, Osatia, played just before Fountain View. Their atmospheric and emotional lyrics and rhythm appealed to a lot of the Rexburg hardcore fans. With influences such as Sleeping with Sirens and A Skylit Drive, they related to the audience through their passionate performance. You can find Osatia’s music on almost all music media platforms.

Local Idaho cover band, Tube City, along with Rexburg based emo-acoustic artist, mister rogers (Christian Anderson) opened up the show with great performances.

Fountain View / Osatia / Tube City

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Article and photos by Noah Shelton of Poor Sports.

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