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Ennui on Wednesday: Cole Foster

Playlist and commentary by Cole Foster.

Baby Boy – Pile

This amazing Boston band has amazing screaming, chaotic guitar work. And a great message about not growing up. But being a kid at heart. Please check out all of their music for some great post-punk stuff

Colossus – IDLES

This is a great band out of England that has heavy bass riffs and in your face gritty vocals. This song also has an awesome music video.

Diamond Girls – Guerilla Toss

This is a crazy art rock group from Boston. They have a unique rhythm section. Awesome use of cowbells. And wild female vocals. Infused with innovated synths. They really are a melting pot of different genres. They are playing in salt lake at the end of the month as well

Politicians in my Eyes – Death

Considered by some to be the first punk band. Death came out of Detroit back in 1971. They released one EP but disbanded soon after that. One reason because they were very ahead of their time. But I love that they were all African Americans playing a genre that would soon be dominated by white kids.

Elvis is Everywhere – Mojo Nixon

Just a hilarious song about how much some people love Elvis. It’s a religion! Thank ya, ah thank ya very much!

Cole is from Rexburg, Idaho and performs with the local rock band For Your Health. Also, be sure to follow us for future playlists curated by artists in Rexburg’s music and arts scene.

Cole Foster
Cole Foster is a Rexburg local, and the frontman for local rock'n'roll group, For Your Health. Foster is a contributing author for The Ennui Project and is the brains behind "The Peel" a podcast that peels back the musicians of Rexburg, Idaho.

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