Vic Fox releases full-length album, “Worlds Above Me”

“I’m below the world
And now you’re worlds above me
I got so sick of swimming
I’m tired of the sea
And the halo you put on me
Was the heaviest cross to bare
It’s the iron chain ’round my feet
And now I’m running out of air
— Vic Fox, Below the World

Indie surf-rock band Vic Fox recently released a full-length album, Worlds Above Me, in follow up to the 2017 EP, Coastal Living. The 10-song album is a sonic departure from previous releases, altogether abandoning the surf-rock genre for something darker, less beachy, and certainly more genuine.

“It’s nothing musically impressive or groundbreaking,” Brusco wrote on his personal Instagram. “But it is sincere and means a lot to me. I hope you find value in it and that it somehow moves you. It’s designed to be a real album experience start to finish, so try to avoid the shuffle modes.”

The album, produced entirely in Rexburg, ID by Adam Ricks is both a debut and farewell for the beloved local band. Brusco recently accepted a position student teaching in Las Vegas, NV and has left behind the legacy he built while attending college at BYU-Idaho.

Worlds Above Me, is available for streaming and purchase on most major platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Red. For more information, read Explore Rexburg’s track-by-track review of the album or watch Vic Fox’s No More Bad Days’ Back Alley Session below.

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Written by Jordan Henrie. Photo courtesy of Jenna Schwarz/Sounds of Spori.


Jordan Henrie
Jordan Henrie is the founder and content editor of The Ennui Project. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Jordan now resides in Rexburg, Idaho and is an active member of the local music scene.

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