Colyer releases dreamy new single, “Beachwood Dr”

“Speaking of your cannibal books
I’ve been trying to pick apart and digest
How I have all the time to kill for your cool
Baby, everything’s a blur by design
Blue skies over you
I think it’s getting better
Maybe just my point of view
But nothing I would change here
On Beachwood Dr”
— Colyer, Beachwood Dr

Soulful, indie alternative multi-instrumentalist, Colyer, released his sixth official single, Beachwood Dr, today.

The dreamy, love song to Beachwood Dr in Los Angeles is about the real-life perspective Colyer holds as an independent artist and musician in California.

“The song is about dreams and love on Beachwood Dr here in LA,” Colyer wrote on Instagram. “All the while struggling and working my ass off for the music.”

Colyer released his first single, Out For You, exactly three years ago, bringing the project full circle for his listeners. The song was featured in Netflix’s, Atypical, gaining him widespread notoriety with fans of the popular TV drama.

The former guitarist/vocalist for Midwestern post-hardcore outfit Your Best Friend, Colyer moved to California to pursue his own musical endeavors. Since then, the musician has shown that he holds the songwriting skill set to do it all on his own, proving so effectively that rock n’ roll still has a soul, and plenty of it.

Check below for the latest official music video from Colyer, Lost In Your Love, and be sure to follow us for future updates on new releases from the artist.

Written by Jordan Henrie. Photo courtesy of Instagram/Colyer.

Jordan Henrie
Jordan Henrie is the founder and content editor of The Ennui Project. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Jordan now resides in Rexburg, Idaho and is an active member of the local music scene.

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